Kanagawa Re-classics in Chigasaki

Japanese traditional culture gets a new life with the latest technology
Appearing/participating organizations (Chigasaki local performing arts)

Yanagishima Enkoro-bushi, Yanagishima Tairyo-Funaage Uta, Serizawa Yakigometsukiuta,
Nango Mugiuchiuta, Enzo Matsuri Bayashi

Folk songs to tell, sceneries that see our day.

This event is now over.
Thank you all for coming.

The pianist Mari Kumamoto canceled her appearance for health reasons.
Yu Okuda will substitute Kumamoto in the program.
Yu Okuda

Yu Okuda
A composer/pianist
Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music, Department of Performance & Composition with a specialization in composition. Created musical pieces using traditional Japanese instruments from during the college days. Recently produces theater music for a musical, dramatic reading and straight play, as well as performing as a music director for live performance and dinner shows.

For refunds contact your ticket agency (from Tue. 19 February until 14:00 on Sat. 23 February).

Saturday, 23rd February, 2019
Kanagawa Re-classicsMagnet Culture Project Kanagawa

A Collaboration of Japanese traditional culture
and the latest technology

The Kanagawa re-classics project having shed new light on cultural heritage across the region, comes to the city of Chigasaki in February 2019. The main event at Chigasaki Municipal Cultural Hall will feature Yu Okuda (pianist) and Kisho Tosha (Japanese bamboo flute player), as well as DJ Misoshiru & MC Gohan (a hip-hop artist). It will be a stage that families cannot afford to miss.

As a cultural volunteer program from Kanagawa toward the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the event will uncover the cultural background and behind message of various local performing arts, such as Yanagishima Enkoro-bushi, using the latest digital stage production technology.

Take a day to discover within yourself a connection to Chigasaki's revitalized classic preforming arts.


Yu OkudaYu Okuda
Kisho TosyaKisho Tosya
(Japanese Bamboo Flute Player)

Guest Artist

DJ Misoshiru & MC GohanDJ Misoshiru & MC Gohan
(Hip-hop Artist)

Ticket Information

Adults: 1,000 yen,
Junior high school children and below: 300 Yen (with a souvenir)*

Tickets available online at eplus, and at Chigasaki Municipal Cultural Hall tickets counter

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Kabuki Play Workshop

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The head of the Tachibana school Houzan Tachibana

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The head of the Tachibana school

Houzan Tachibana

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